Platelet Concentrates

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Platelet Concentrates

The use of Regen Plasma (PRP) is a new process used for tissue and skin rejuvenation. This is an autologous treatment that uses the platelets contained in the patient’s blood to avoid any risk of allergy or rejection.

A blood sample is taken from the patient, as is done for a medical analysis. The blood is then centrifuged to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. From this plasma, the platelet-rich part is isolated, containing a multitude of growth factors that will be released into the treated tissues. This results in a rejuvenating effect through tissue regeneration.

This new technology has been used to accelerate skin healing in severely burned patients, to treat muscle or tendon injuries in athletes or to accelerate bone regeneration in orthopaedics or dentistry.

The PRP can be used in different ways:

In Mesotherapy, by superficial injection of the skin of the face and décolleté. The skin is anesthetized with a cream. Injections are given every square centimeter. The injected platelets will release their growth factors, stimulating the formation of collagen fibers and improving the skin’s texture. We offer an aggressive treatment of one session every month for 3 months, followed by a consultation once or twice a year.

As a filling product: PRP is used in combination with thrombin (also contained in the patient’s blood). It is injected into areas where it lacks in volume, into fine lines or marked furrows. PRP will not only fill the wrinkles, but will also stimulate the formation of collagen locally and improve skin texture.

As a mask, it is particularly useful after micro-dermabrasion, mesotherapy, needling or peeling to reinforce the effect of the treatment.

Adverse reactions are rare and not very constraining. Bruising may occur after injection. A slight redness may be visible on the first day.

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